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Health issues- our Concern
Health has become a major issue among the Kenyan youth.  Apart from the traditional problems like malaria, TB and sexually transmitted diseases, the advent and outspread of HIV/AIDS has become an issue of major personal, community and public concern. AIDS has had a devastating socio-economic effect on both individuals and communities, necessitating the government to declare it a national disaster.
Huge amounts of Government and donor resources have been committed to fighting the scourge.  Regrettably, these are resources that would otherwise have been put into other productive sectors in a country like ours which is wracked by poverty and deprivation.
But the most worrying fact is that HIV/AIDS is mostly afflicting young persons upon whom the future lies and whose energies, if they were healthy, could be utilized in developing both the individual,  their families, communities and nation. Research has established that 70 per cent of all new HIV/AIDS infections take place among persons aged between 15 and 19 years with young women particularly vulnerable mostly because of their physical make up.
Under the able leadership of Governor Cecily Mbarire, Embu County Government is reaching out to the youth and empowering them, through information and education, to make the right decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. The County Government is receiving the right attention from and it is our belief that with these interventions and in partnership with other stakeholders we will be able to control to manageable levels this scourge that has adversely affected millions of our people.
In addition, Embu County Government will liaise with stakeholders to develop accessible and affordable primary health care services of high quality and which are youth friendly.