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  1. Directorate Vocational Training
  2. Directorate ECDE

Education Department

  1. Ensuring that the economy has adequate manufacturing skills
  2. Management of Technical Training Institutes including Youth Polytechnics
  3. Management of Institutes of Science and Technology
  4. Management of Vocational technical colleges and Polytechnics
  5. Education Policy Management
  6. Administration of Early Childhood Education, Standards and Norms
  7. Management of technical Education Standardss
  8. Quality Assurance in Education
  9. Teacher Education and Management
  10. School Administration and Programs
  11. Registration of Pre-primary education and training Institutions
  12. Special Needs Education management 

Vocational Training Institutes

  1. Provide leadership in the management, development and implementation of County Youth Polytechnics
  2. Review and develop policies, strategies and guidelines for the development of County Youth Polytechnics
  3. Mobilize resources for Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) projects and programmes
  4. Develop partnerships with various stakeholders to improve status and management of Technical and Vocational Training Centers and link the stakeholders to the Ministry
  5. Promote technical vocational training as an alternative skills process
  6. Supervise and coordinate promotion and implementation of County Youth polytechnic projects, policies and programmes
  7. Enhance, improve and upgrade certification of technical vocational training centers in the County
  8. Provide technical and co-ordination support to the stakeholders and partners in mainstreaming the County Youth Polytechnics guidelines for County government and
  9. Prepare training needs assessment and planning