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Antony Sawaya
Director- Trade

Anthony Sawaya is a highly educated trade development professional, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to EMBU County. As a trade policy expert, he has a proven track record of creating an enabling environment for traders, and has been instrumental in formulating and implementing trade policies and initiatives that drive growth and profitability for businesses.

Anthony holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and a Master of Business Administration - finance option from the University of Nairobi. He has also attended several trade development seminars and workshops both locally and internationally.

Some of Anthony's notable achievements include assisting in the creation of trade related laws in EMBU and promoting export trade through bilateral trade agreements and the promotion of Kenyan products in targeted international markets. His experience at the Export Promotion Council, now Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency, has honed his skills in navigating trade regulations and policies with ease. Additionally, he is skilled in product development, particularly in the agricultural sector through value addition.

Anthony has participated in numerous international trade fairs and trade-related events across Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. He was involved in the preparation of EXPO Milan 2015 and SIAL Paris in Europe, various China fairs and Kazakhstan EXPO 2016 in Asia, and the Smithsonian Festival in Washington DC in America.

As a seasoned professional, Anthony is passionate about the trade industry and continually seeks new opportunities to expand his knowledge and experience to drive positive change in the industry. His strengths lie in his ability to create and implement effective trade policies, develop innovative product strategies, and build strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels to create a sustainable and prosperous trade ecosystem.

Anthony welcomes connections with other trade development professionals and looks forward to exploring potential opportunities in Embu County.